Friday, July 27, 2012

Two Darling Little Gals

Yes, this lovely lady is carrying not one, but TWO babies in that gorgeous belly!  Isn't she glowing!?  Jenny- you are looking spectacular!  Can't wait to meet you two little girls.  Neat little story- the day she told her oldest boy she was having a baby, he said he was having two sissies!  He was right!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Family & Newborn!!

Busy has been my middle name.  In fact, I have about five photo shoots to schedule!  We just returned from church camp, so I am behind.  These are from the last two photo shoots.  I simply adored editing the first one.  The light and locations were PERFECT!  The newborn was so much fun.  It was a friend from high school's baby. He was absolutely AMAZING!!  Newborn photography is something I do NOT claim to do well.  This was all practice for me, but I had a great time learning!  I think we got some great shots.

This little guy loved it when his family was being silly behind me!  

Gorgeous family indeed!

Oh my, this just makes my heart melt!

This is precious Max.  Doesn't he look just perfect?
  Love the B&W of this one!  He looks like he knows he's hot stuff!
 This one was requested by mom and well, I happen to love it!
  I wasn't sure how this would turn out b/c big brother wasn't loving the photo shoot, but I simply love this one.  So sweet!

I have a maternity photo shoot to edit, so be looking for that soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Poor Neglected Blog + FAMILY SESSION

I realized that I haven't posted on here in a while, and I feel bad.  Blogger has messed up some of my photos, so I need to work on that. But, I am going to continue posting some every now and then.

I had a blast with a couple from church.  I have know Chris almost all my life.  He truly is one of the sweetest guys I know.  Rachelle is one lucky lady, and I have to say, he's just as lucky b/c she is gorgeous and one amazing mother.  I loved seeing the connection she has with her children!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Favorites of 2011

I couldn't help but share a few of my favorites from 2011!!!  ENJOY!
A HUGE THANK YOU to all my clients of 2011.  I hope that you all love your photos and I hope to see you all again soon!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year = New Changes

This year has came to a quick end!  Maybe it's just me, but this year FLEW by!  I had so much fun with all my clients this year and all the precious memories I was able to capture!  I pray that you are all pleased and I pray that next year, I can continue this journey!

With the new year coming up, I have given photography a lot of thought.  I am making two big changes to QRS Photography:

1.  I am going to work really hard at only scheduling no more than 3 photo shoots/month.  The reason being, I am a full-time working mom, who is adding a few college courses on top of that workload.  So, in order to get edits on a CD in a decent time frame and allow full attention to your photos, I am going to set a limit.  If you would like to request a month to get your session scheduled, please let me know and I will write you down for that month, and when I figure out my husband's schedule, I will let you know what days work.
2. My rates are changing.  The new changes can be found on my Prices/Contact page.  I still consider myself to be a decent rate for what I am offering.  I just pray that you all do too.

So, with a new year, comes new chances and new opportunities!  Please give me a call, text, or email to schedule your photo shoot!  I am looking forward to meeting you!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Two little gals and their precious family

This family is so sweet!  I have gotten to know them a little better through the years b/c we attend the same church.  When they asked me to do photos, I was willing, but it took a while to schedule it.  We finally got together and we grabbed some shots of the girls, their daughter, and then just some of them b/c they are coming up on their 25th anniversary!  So, here you are!!!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Young Love

I was asked a few months back to shoot this wedding.  I will admit- I am NOT a wedding photographer.  I wasn't willing at first, but once she said if I didn't do it, she was going to just have family take photos.  I decided I would b/c I wanted the family to be able to enjoy the wedding and not worry about photos!  I was excited, but BEYOND nervous!  This couple is young, but you can see their love for each other.  They have a great foundation- the Lord.  With Him- you can't fail!

CONGRATS Tori & Colby!

***DISCLAIMER*** I do not claim to be a wedding photographer.  

Loved this one of him getting ready!  He was very cooperative for me!

 Love this moment I caught here.  It brings tears to my eyes, b/c one day this will be my baby....
First look at his future bride!  Think he's impressed?!  I would say YES!
Smiles all around!

There are only like a million more to come!  Can't wait to keep editing!